Monday, April 26, 2010

APing Older Kids

I haven't posted forever. Part of that is that this pregnancy kicked my butt the first little while. I forgot how sick and exhausted a pea sized little person could make you!! The other part is that I'm not sure where I fit in AP right now. When I think of AP I think of babies. Not so much older kids. I've been trying to think of ways that I practice AP with my older kids? Well, I home school so they are with me most all of the time... But they each have there activities, gymnastics, taekwondo, piano...I don't stay there with them always.
I'm not sure...I mean I'm super affectionate and try to be as available to them as much possible no matter the age, but I'm not sure that's really an AP practice.

As I was looking around on the web I found these 10 principles in THIS ARTICLE
Communicate your love to your child in word and deed each and every day.

Listen for the feelings behind your child's verbal communication and respond to those feelings in an accepting way.

Show respect for your child's unique ideas and opinions.

Discuss mutual goals and plans with your child frequently. Go over the next day's schedule at bedtime. Make sure everyone knows where they will be going, what they will be doing, and what each person's responsibility will be.

Notify your child personally when plans change suddenly.

Continue to touch your child affectionately with hugs, pats on the back, sitting together to read, etc.

Model and teach courtesy, patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, fairness, and forgiveness.

Give your child age-appropriate responsibilities at home.

Recognize, acknowledge, and praise your child when he makes an effort to do something good -good school papers, obeying parents, helping at home. Make a big deal out of it!

Avoid destructive expressions of anger such as insulting, sarcasm, shaming, yelling, or spanking the child. Use Discipline with Dignity

I think I do most of those things most of the time, so I guess I am still practicing some AP ideas with my older kids also.
So, what do ya think??

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